I’ve was never a big vanity plate type of person, but years ago my wife got me custom plates with my company name on them for a Father’s day present and my old Acura MDX sported them for years. When I got my Model S I transferred the plates over:

Vanity Plates - Nasuni

Now that i’m moving on to different things it’s time for me to change the plates (plate actually since I don’t sport a front plate) to something else.

Tesla Vanity plates

The Tesla community has been quite creative with vanity plates and Teslarati has a great post showcasing a number of them. Tesla owners like @TeslaPittsburgh have come up with some cool ones like “PlugR In”:

Vanity Plates - PlugR In

Sometimes the plates are statements about living with an electric vehicle (AMPED), others are support for Tesla or Elon (L♥TESLA), or anti oil/gas/pollution (LOL OIL) type statements.

Fortunately the Motor Vehicle department in the various states keep most of the harsh ones off the cars but there are a few like “EFF OIL” out there…

Vanity Plate Directions

As I looked at all the different options, it seemed like like I could go a few different ways on this one:

  • Go with a standard issue plate — just give up the vanity plate and save a few bucks ($50/year). This is the cheap and easy route.
  • Go with the special Massachusetts Electric Vehicle (EV) plate. This plate is meant to indicate to first responders that there’s high voltage in the car and they need to take special precautions. Presumably this is because they’re still not that common and first responders need to be careful but it could also be seen as a ding in that that EVs are dangerous. This plate type is free and stands out from a regular plate:

MA EV Plate

  • A vanity plate somehow representing the brand i’ve built here on the blog and on twitter around Teslaliving.

Note: Each state has their own rules around vanity plates. In MA vanity plates can be up to 6 characters, they can’t have mixed letters/numbers or any punctuation. So “WATT UP” is not possible, it has a space and would be 7 characters long.

  • A vanity plate along the lines of what other owners have done in support for Tesla, EVs or the green/anti-pollution side of things.

The short List of vanity plates

I trolled the Tesla and TMC forums and came up with a list. I ended up with almost 40. Some are ones other owners (in other states) have used,  some were derivatives of those and some were new ones I came up with. With the family we whittled it down to our top 10 (not in order):

  1. AMPED – Used by some other owners but a favorite of mine
  2. GO CART – I always feel like I’m driving a go cart with regenerative braking
  3. NITE RDR – Couldn’t help adding this one. KITT is one someone else has too
  4. OUTA GAS – I’m not big on oil bashing but this one caught my eye
  5. TLIVNG – Teslaliving — my brand
  6. TLVNG – Teslaliving — my brand
  7. WATTS UP – Too many characters but I like the cheerfulness of this one
  8. WEQVA – The geek in me, 1 WATT = 1 Volt x 1 Amp, W = VA.
  9. WRTH IT – Everyone knows the Model S is expensive. But its worth it!
  10. WT FRUNK – The front trunk or frunk is quirky, this one is cute but perhaps not always appropriate.

Several of the above are 7 characters so i’d have to adjust/tweak them and try to retain the meaning.

Decision time

Im bouncing this list off my family, friends and some people in the Tesla community including my twitter followers via a poll, and you!

Which way do you think I should go? Drop me a note in the comments below.

Do you have a vanity plate? What is it? Whats the story behind it?

Don’t have a Tesla yet? If you got one, what plate would you be sporting?

I’ll let you all know what I end up going with. Stay tuned.